EuMIGS event
November - December 2023, online

EuMIGS Lecture Series 2023 on Citizenship and Mobility

We are happy to announce the programme of the EuMIGS Lecture Series - Autumn 2023 entitled "Citizenship and Mobility: Two Entangled Sides of a Segmented Order?"!

Each lecture of the series puts into conversation two researchers based at two different EuMIGS partner universities working on similar topics. The lectures will take place fully online and are open to everyone interested. We particularly welcome master students at the EuMIGS partner universities to join. The lectures will be moderated by EuMIGS Double Degree students.

All lectures take place on Mondays from 11.15 to 13.00 (CET) online:

Abstract: This EuMIGS Lecture Series will examine how different citizenships and citizenship constellations impact mobility and how the pursuit of mobility influences the propensity of different migrant groups to seek citizenship. In a liberalized globalized world, international mobility of labour is a major issue that has important implications for source and destination countries, as well as for migrants themselves. However, not all individuals have equal rights to move and attain full inclusion at their desired place of residence. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how European governments have selectively restricted mobility rights based on nationality, revealing a hierarchy of citizenship that extends globally. Therefore, the EuMIGS Lecture Series 2023 offered jointly by eight EuMIGS partner universities, will discuss research thematically related to policies of (im)mobility both in the EU and on a global scale, while considering citizenship hierarchies in a segmented global order. The Lecture Series will encompass macro and policy analyses of drivers and consequences, as well as micro-perspectives that zoom in on individual and family decisions. The series will also include analyses of different periods in distinct countries, addressing the nation-building process and, where applicable, the effects of decolonization, the creation of an international human rights regime, and the segmented transformation it has provoked regarding mobility and citizenship.

For the full programme, individual abstracts, and reading list (at the very end), we invite you to have a look at the pdf EuMIGS Lecture Series 2023 Flyer. (219 KB)

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