3-6 July 2023, Warsaw & online

EuMIGS at the IMISCOE Annual Conference 2023

Migration and Inequalities: In search of answers and solutions

The 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference on "Migration and Inequalities: In search of answers and solutions" will take place in Warsaw and online from 3 to 6 July 2023.

The conference is organized by the largest European network of migration scholars that aims to connect social scientisits working on migration, mobility and diversity. As in previous years, EuMIGS Double Degree students are going to present the research that they have been conducting for their master thesis in a EuMIGS panel.

Link to the conference: https://www.imiscoe.org/events/imiscoe-events/1612-20th-imiscoe-annual-conference




First EuMIGS Winter Workshop on Knowledge Transfer

26 April 2023
20 students from seven partner universities participated in the first EuMIGS Winter Workshop, held at the University of A Coruña from 27 February to 1 March.

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All EuMIGS Lectures 2022 are now online!

22 February 2023
You can now (re)watch all recordings of the eight lectures that were part of the EuMIGS Lecture Series 2022 on migration policy and refugee reception in the (trans-) local context .

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