EuMIGS Winter Workshop in Liège

20 EuMIGS double degree students, 11 Master students from the EuMIGS partner Universities and 9 EuMIGS coordinators met in Liège for the network 2024 Winter workshop.

The Workshop was organized by the coordination team of the University of Liège with its Master degree in Migration and Ethnic Studies which is part of the EuMIGS double degree consortium. 

Knowledge transfer was the topic of the workshop. The students who participated in the event had the opportunity to address this topic both in practice – with the elaboration of a scientific poster based on their Master Thesis – and through lectures and presentations given during the workshop. Members of the CEDEM research team opened the workshop sessions with a presentation of some of the work conducted in the research center. Andreas Perret from the University of Neuchâtel gave 2 workshop sessions on data visualization and David Homburg from the University of Liège gave a session on oral presentation. For the last day of the workshop, students had the opportunity to see their posters displayed in public and to present them to an audience of coordinators and bachelor students from the Faculty of Social Sciences. Finally, the question of knowledge transfer was addressed during a round table bringing together professionals from different fields. 

The event was also the occasion for the students to discuss the advancement of their Master thesis during a seminar session and to discover the city of Liège with a visit organized by the local association F41 working with immigrants.


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