22 November 2021
Persons with disabilities are at a higher risk of exclusion compared to other people. They are more at risk to live in poverty, because of less access to employment and disability-related extra costs.

09 November 2021
This EuMIGS lecture focusses on the main international student mobility (ISM) trends as well as the empirical literature on the determinants of ISM. The trends and empirical findings are connected to the theoretical literature on social inequalities,...

20 April 2021
Today both researchers and policy-makers agree that refugees admitted to the European Union constitute a net cost and fiscal burden for the receiving societies.

05 March 2021
This lecture is part of the first joint seminar organized by the EuMIGS network which deals with international student migration and mobilities (ISM) and joins students and lecturers from 6 of the 12 EuMIGS partner institutes.

11 February 2021
The emergence of a new research field or area of study in the social sciences always is fraught with controversy, fits and starts, theoretical, methodological, and even epistemological debates. Migration studies is no different, but some things are...