EuMIGS Student 1st Cohort: Linköping University- University of Osnabrück

Personal Statement

"EuMIGS really does embrace what migration research is: It opens a variety of learning approaches and pedagogical learning styles across the many focuses and lines of thought. Being able to embrace these approaches in Sweden and Germany really did open my eyes, inspired me and gave a home to a very deep and positive learning and development process.

This broad spectrum of what migration research came to life to me during an eye-opening EuMIGS field trip to Brussels, where European migration policies are literally only a few metro stops away from a participatory art project in Molenbeek on migrant identity in Belgium, clarifying that the neighborhood is much more than what internet search engines suggest. Together with my EuMIGS teachers and fellow students from all across Europe I finally got to draw the lines between these seemingly completely different spheres of work and research. Discovering this immensely interwoven spectrum of migration research and the encouragement to reflect on a broader European angle in Linköping and Osnabrück university has offered me a compass that’s helping me to navigate through the complex matters of our time.

In early 2021 the journey has taken me to the Ghanaian-German social startup company fairafric which produces chocolate from bean to bar in Ghana and thereby decolonizing the predominant trade structures between Africa and Europe. What decolonial theories have taught me at university, is now coming to life in a very fascinating way in my work life".


  • Joint Info Webinar

    10 November 2023, 12:15 - 14:00, online
    Are you interested in applying for or knowing more about the EuMIGS Double Degree programme? The seven partner universities of the Double Degree programme organize a joint info webinar on Friday, 10 November 2023 from 12:15 to 14:00 on Zoom.

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  • Annual Conference

    EuMIGS at the IMISCOE Annual Conference 2023

    3-6 July 2023, Warsaw & online
    The 20th IMISCOE Annual Conference on "Migration and Inequalities: In search of answers and solutions" will take place in Warsaw and online from 3 to 6 July 2023.

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