Researching and Theorizing International Student Migration and Mobility

This lecture is part of the first joint seminar organized by the EuMIGS network which deals with international student migration and mobilities (ISM) and joins students and lecturers from 6 of the 12 EuMIGS partner institutes.

In her introductory lecture, Yvonne Riaño provided an overview of prevailing research themes and theorising efforts into ISM. Six main questions were addressed: (1) What theoretical perspectives have been proposed to explain ISM? (2) What are the main geographical directions of international student flows? (3) What motivates individuals to study abroad? (4) What role do supranational bodies, national governments, and universities play regarding the mobility of international students? (5) What are the outcomes and effects of ISM? (6) What are the students’ experiences upon return to their countries of origin? The lecture touched upon student mobilities within and into countries of the Global North as well as mobilities within and into countries of the Global South. Finally, Professor Riaño presented her reflections on the possible impact of Covid-19 on ISM.


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