EuMIGS Double Degree cohort 2022-2023 meets in Neuchâtel

17 November 2022

Welcome to Switzerland! 10 students of the double degree cohort 2022-2023 and the EuMIGS coordinators of the different partner institutes met in Neuchâtel for three days in November to kick-off the second year abroad.

In addition to many interesting discussions on why and how to study migration-related topics in today's world of intersecting crises, we gained insight into the public debate on migration in Switzerland through the film "Welcome to Switzerland" by Sabine Gisiger, and learned about the colonial past of the town of Neuchâtel during a walking tour.

EuMIGS Double Degree students move between seven partner universities. The kick-off meeting is the first opportunity for them to get to meet in person.



EuMIGS Lecture Series - Autumn 2022

The EuMIGS Lecture Series - Autumn 2022 consists of eight lectures that focus on migration policy and refugee reception in the (trans-)local context.

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