Double Degree-Programme in Migration Studies

EuMIGS offers the opportunity to obtain a double degree in the field of Migration Studies on the basis of a two-year master of 120 ECTS-points.

The double degree-programme implies spending the second year of the master studies at one of the other partner programmes in another European country. During this year, students will attend courses and write their master thesis. Supervisors generally come from both programmes. Upon successful completion, students will be issued a master degree by both the host and the home institutions. Since EuMIGS and all partner institutes are members of the IMISCOE Research Network, participants in the programme will moreover become members of the network and will have the opportunity to participate in the Annual Conferences and joint international training activities.

The programme and teaching is in English (please see partner-webpages for language admission requirements!). The language of the master thesis is also English by default. Other languages can be agreed upon with the supervisors from both involved partner programmes.

Participating master programmes (double degree)